Sellers Service


WNR Real Estate Group
We are deeply committed to working with clients on achieving their goals, but we also understand that how we get there matters. We understand that when we collaborate with a client, we earn their trust through transparency and effective communication at every step of the process rather than by focusing only on its culmination. Our process facilitates communication leading up to the realization of our clients’ goals.

Our approach to achieving a successful sale or purchase transaction is tailored around each client’s objective. We implement the use of targeted metrics, and measurable and quantifiable financial risk analysis to optimize the desired result. WNR Group sets itself apart because we execute, adapt, and keep our clients apprised of the process every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome.

Our specialization areas include land acquisition for new construction, sale of new construction and existing residences, multi-unit (2 to 4 apartments) and multi-family (5+ apartments) investment properties, residential and commercial real estate sales and marketing. We work with individual home sellers and buyers, as well as investors, builders, and developers. We are experienced in brokering both on and off market real estate opportunities and have access to properties that are not listed anywhere.

We can also be a trusted resource and serve as a conduit to connect you with our network of professionals to assist with your architectural, construction, management, legal, and financing needs.